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Welcome to Beeton's Bakeware

Baking great memories
Traditional Elegance, Heirloom Quality

Baking has a long history, reaching back thousands of years to at least when the ancient Egyptians started using yeast in their bread dough. What we can see looking back over the years is that while the tools and ingredients have changed over time, the fundamentals remain the same, and baked goods made centuries and millennia ago can still be made today.

As an homage to Isabella Mary Beeton, Beetons Bakeware began as the result of interest in recipes from the 1800s. What started as finding and making these historic recipes lead further into reading and research about why certain ingredients were used, who made these foodstuffs, and generally how food played a role in life and culture.

Beyond the food, though, there is an appreciation for elegant presentation and long lasting quality products. Foods weren't just a hurriedly made bowl of something to be scooped out, or a lump to be sliced and served. It was a celebration of edible artwork, and more enduring, it was a memorable event bringing together family and friends.

All of these items come together as our guide for Beeton's Bakeware – Baking great memories, made with heirloom quality tools, and presented with traditional elegance.

We hope you will enjoy this journey as we share tips, tools, and resources. Each week there will be useful information, ingredients, and of course, recipes. Every month, we look forward to seeing what you've created and the special moments that you have baked with family and friends.

Published on 1 January 2022

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