Recipes - Danish

Berry Turnovers

at Sally's Baking Addiction

A light, flaky, layered pastry.

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Danish Pastries

at Brown Eyed Baker

A simple made-from-scratch recipe.

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Danish Kringle

By Mark Beahm at Simply Recipes

Also known as smorkringle in Denmark, is a rich pastry flavored with almonds and butter and shaped into a ring or a giant pretzel.

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Summer Berry Danish Braid

at Red Star Yeast

Sweet and buttery homemade Danish pastry filled with cream cheese and fresh summer berries.

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Topfengolatsche (Cheese Danish)

at About Vienna

A Viennese favorite with cream cheese filling

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Overnight Danish Twists

at Betty Crocker

Make the dough the day before and serve warm from the oven.

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Reuben Danish Sandwich

at Serious Eats

A savory take on classic pastry

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Cinnamon Swirl Danish

by Alix Traeger at Tasty

Classic cinnamon taste in a braskfast pastry.

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