Recipes - Cake

Linzer Cake

at Austria Travel Portal

Shortcake pastry with redcurrant jam. Considered to be the oldest cake in the world, Linzer Torte is a true Austrian classic.

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Pistachio Cake Made from Scratch

at Munaty Cooking

A light texture with great flavor. Watch the video, too.

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Best Butterscotch Cake

by Veena Azmanov

Moist, easy to bake, with the distinctive buttersotch flavor.

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Glazed Butterscotch Chip Bundt Cake

at Lord Byron's Kitchen

A sweet and indulgent flavor.

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Tuscan Chestnut Cake (Castagnaccio)

by Emiko at Food52

Dense with the sweet flavor of chestnut flour and raisins.

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Zuccotto: a Creamy Italian Dessert Cake

at Christina's Cucina

A fabulous, creamy Italian dessert cake

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Chocolate Torta Soffice

at Food and Wine

A classic Italian tea cake from chef Chris Behr of the Rome Sustainable Food Project.

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by Valeria Necchio at Great Italian Chefs

Spices, dried citrus fruits and chocolate come together to create a light flavourful cake.

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