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Introducing “The Coventry”

Baking great memories
Traditional Elegance, Heirloom Quality

At Beeton's Bakeware, we have a passion for historic recipes, traditional design, and elegant presentation. What began as some side research into meals enjoyed by the Victorians, quickly became an appreciation for the flavors and presentation ideas found in cook books from the 1800s. The simplest of recipes became works of art on the serving plates, celebrated for both appearance and taste.

Baked goods and desserts could be shaped by decorative moulds, and there were plenty to choose from. Ceramic, brass, tin lined copper, even wood - there were moulds for just about everything. Creams and puddings, gelatins and cookies (biscuits), and tarts and cakes all had ways to be visually impressive and appealing. Sadly, there are some mould designs which now only exist in pictures.

Motivated by the appeal and attraction of those moulds, and facing the reality of not being able to locate some desired moulds, or even a replica, it became clear that the only way forward to obtain the object of our desire was to create a new modern interpretation and version.

After several years of effort and testing, we are proud to introduce “The Coventry”. Cast by hand, one at a time, this heavy duty aluminum cake mould is an heirloom in the making, a connection to the artisans of the past and to the makers of the future. The Coventry fully embodies the philosophy guiding Beeton's Bakeware - Baking great memories, made with heirloom quality tools, and presented with traditional elegance.

Whether the cake is a regular box mix, a vintage recipe, or a family favorite passed down through the generations, The Coventry and its heating core provides even baking and a smooth release, highlighting the artistic vintage design.

Being hand crafted, this luxury mould is unique, with heavy duty quality, and is intended to pass through the generations.

As you might imagine for hand crafted items, supplies are very limited.

Published on 6 March 2022

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