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Like Water for Chocolate
by Laura Esquivel

Like Water for Chocolate was one of the first movies I thoroughly enjoyed when attending regional and international film festivals in my twenties. Soon after, I sought out the book and dove right into the recipes before reading the story.

That story is about love (forbidden and unrequited), emotions (simmering and ready to boil over), and traditions (symbolic yet controlling and restrictive), all bound up in, with, and about food. As Esquivel shares the story of the main character, Tita, she prefaces the telling of each chapter with a recipe which represents and complements the action within.

Tita's connection to food begins in the first few pages, and deepens in each subsequent chapter. The recipes are rich and full of flavor, and readers can practically taste the dishes as they are described. Each one is connected to an event as well as to Tita's emotions as she makes each one. Through the food, her internal feelings are outwardly expressed by the other characters as they eat - chilies fan the flames of attraction, rose petals inspire passion, and meats, nuts and fruit mix and mingle in a balanced dance between frenemies.

Food, and the act of cooking, brings people together, bridging interpersonal distance and troubled waters, as well as providing sustenance to both body and soul. Food may not fix a problem, but it can help provide opportunites for expression.

Esquivel's vivid descriptions of the flavors and textures of the dishes make them come alive in the reader's mind, and the cultural aspects of the cuisine deepen the symbolism between food, events, and feelings.

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Like Water for Chocolate, by Laura Esquivel

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Published on 4 September 2022

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